the places of dear mister ward-fb

I’m looking for any photos of the places the letters were sent from taken in the 1930s and 1940s.

I’m in the process of contacting historical societies, local museums, etc but I thought there might be photos still in private hands that could be useful as well.

If you have any such photos you can submit them using this form.  No images that you submit will be used for anything without your permission.

Here’s a list of the towns.  Some of them were listed incorrectly in the copies of the letters I have but I’m pretty sure I’ve identified the correct towns at this point.

Wessington, SD | Blue Grass, ND | Florence, SD | Deer River, MN | Woodstock, WI | Alfred, ND | Randall, WI | Watertown, SD | Fall Creek, WI | St Paul Park, MN | Coleraine, MN | Minto, ND | Great Falls, MT | Rice Lake, WI | Mound City, SD | Lincoln, CA | Starbuck, MN | Granite Falls, MN | Missoula, MT