Finding The People of Dear Mister Ward

Only some of the letters still have names attached and even fewer have places.  Finding folks without a place is pretty tough, even when the name is unique.  Most of these letters should have been written between 1932 and 1942, with more towards the later side.  So that narrows things down a little.  However my grandma swapped some letters with another Wards employee who had been saving them in Chicago so some could be earlier.  At least one person appears to have been dead before 1932 so I’m guessing that one is older.

It’s also possible that some of the names aren’t quite correct as many of the letters were handwritten with spelling errors and those that were typed had some errors as well.  All names are as written with a few notes about possible alternatives.  I’ve included the places the letters supposedly came from, with some adjustments based on my research.  If you recognize any of these names, or better yet are related to any of these folks please get in touch with me.  I’d love to learn more about them and of course photos would be amazing.  You can use use this form or join the Dear Mister Ward Research Group on Facebook.

Mrs. Eric Akron

L. H. Baker: Missoula, MT

Helen Manley Buck (aka Nellie Buck): Starbuck, MN

F.A. DeWolf

Helen (Keith) Douglas: St Paul, MN (also of Petitcodiak, New Brunswick, Canada)

Billie Hall

Rodney Hartman

Fred Hinz: Minto, ND (written as Minto, SD)

Hilmer Jackson

William Jesme: Florence, SD

G. Richard Kuch

Anna Mckinley: Watertown, SD

M. P. McIntyre: Great Falls, MT

G. P. McCorkle: Lincoln, CA

Martha Medford

Frank Mlejnik: Rice Lake, WI

John Myer: Granite Falls (written as Granite Falls, WI)

Peter Paines

Edith Partsch (possibly Pautsch): Wessington, SD

R. W. Portwood: Randall, WI

Guy H Rollins

James W. Ruggen (maybe Riggen or Ruggan)

Mrs. H. S. Smithe: Deer River, MN (written as Deer River, WI)

Martin Swenson: Starbuck, MN

Mrs. E. E. Tobey: Fall Creek, WI