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Dear Mister Ward Live At The Shea Recap

dear mister ward live at the shea theater audience


The staged reading at the Shea was really amazing.  The performers killed it and we couldn’t have asked for a more enthusiastic audience.

Anyone who was there can attest to the fact that I was a little nervous.  I’m not used to being in the spotlight.  The plan had been to make a video intro that would minimize my time on stage but technical difficulties prevented that from happening.  I managed to ramble through most of my notes and then left the rest to the pros.

The folks from Eggtooth Productions really outdid themselves.  I’ve read these letters so many times but hearing real actors read them out loud revealed new things about them to me.  The same goes for the crowd response.  It was fascinating to see the varied reactions to each letter and especially which lines got the most response.

After the reading some brave audience members came up on stage (with a little coaxing) and pulled letters from a “hat.”  The hat in this case being my grandma’s old Swedish cooking pot.  Everyone who got up there did a great job.

If you weren’t able to make it, never fear, it was recorded and you can view the whole thing at the bottom of this page.

The local NPR affiliate New England Public Media also recorded sound during the performance.  That will be used in an upcoming segment that will air during the local portion of Morning Edition on August 11st probably during the 6am and 8am hour.  I will of course post a link to the web feature when it’s posted and add it to this post.

Thank you to everyone who came and if you didn’t make it don’t worry I’m already thinking about the next performance.  Stay tuned.

dear mister ward live at the shea theater from audiencedear mister ward live at the shea theater close up

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