cover of dear mister ward by evan h gregg

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The Places of Dear Mister Ward

I’m beginning the planning process for a documentary about the letters of Dear Mister Ward.

I hope to locate descendants and relatives of the folks who wrote the letters and visit the places from there they were sent.

As part of the project I would love to track down some photos of the towns from the 1930s and early 40s.

I’m in the process of contacting historical societies, local museums, etc but I thought there might be photos still in private hands that could be useful as well.

If you have any such photos I’d love to hear from you.  I plan to offer a licensing fee for photos that are used in the film.  You can reach out through contact page or through the facebook page.

Here’s a list of the towns.  Some of them were listed incorrectly in the copies of the letters I have but I’m pretty sure I’ve identified the correct towns at this point.

Wessington, SD | Blue Grass, ND | Florence, SD | Deer River, MN | Woodstock, WI | Alfred, ND | Randall, WI | Watertown, SD | Fall Creek, WI | St Paul Park, MN | Coleraine, MN | Minto, ND | Great Falls, MT | Rice Lake, WI | Mound City, SD | Lincoln, CA | Starbuck, MN | Granite Falls, MN | Missoula, MT

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I really appreciate any support of this project.  I’ve so far avoided approaching traditional publishers because I want to make sure I maintain creative control of whatever comes of Dear Mister Ward. 

However that means that I am responsible for all printing costs and have been holding back on my marketing efforts until I can afford to print more copies.

Every bit of support goes to helping me continue the project and getting these letters to more people, including hopefully relatives of those who wrote them.

I plan on offering some rewards for levels of support eventually but it may be awhile.

Just so you know the buttons will take you to a different website.  This is the same credit card processor I use in the store, it’s just easier to not put it in the storefront.