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The Mystery Towns of Dear Mister Ward

The St Paul office of Montgomery Ward where my grandma worked was known as the “Northwest office.”  I’m not sure of the exact boundaries of their service area.  The origin of only a few letters has been preserved. Those letters came from Minnesota, Wisconsin, South Dakota, North Dakota, Montana and California.  However a few of them seem to have been credited to the wrong state.

I’ve put those places together in this post.  I have some ideas of what the mistake may have been and have included that in the “Possible Alternate” spaces.  I’ll be updating as I find out more and hopefully nail down the correct locations.

Minto South Dakota

a letter from Fred Hinz of Minto, South Dakota sent in the 1930s
Pretty clear this is actually North Dakota, not South Dakota.

Possible Alternate Names

Minto North Dakota

Granite Falls Wisconsin

a letter from John Myer of Granite Falls, Wisconsin sent in the 1930s
Again, probably a town in Minnesota being moved to Wisconsin without their permission.

Possible Alternate Names

Granite Falls Minnesota

Deer River Wisconsin

a letter from Mrs. H. S. Smithe of Deer River Wisconsin sent in the 1930s
It seems pretty likely that this was just transposed from MN to WI but who knows maybe there’s a Deer or Beer River somewhere in Wisconsin that I haven’t found.

Possible Alternate Names

Deer River Minnesota
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