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You can learn more about the letters and Montgomery Ward in general on the about page.

Please note that all typos, misspellings and grammatical errors in the letters were copied from the originals by my Grandma.  She even had a list of misspelled words in the back of the binder.

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Welcome to Dear Mister Ward,

This site features a collection of letters from the 1930s that my grandma compiled while working in the complaints department of the Montgomery Ward catalogue. 

The letters aren’t dated and I’m not exactly sure when she worked there.  I know she started there before 1937 and left before 1941.

This seemed like a good time to release them.  Most of the world is living in some form of quarantine.  These letters also come from a place of isolation.  Mail order catalogs were some of the only connections the people who wrote them had to the outside world.  

They are also weird and hilarious and we all need a good laugh.

I’ll be releasing the letters in batches twice a week until they run out.  Shared experiences, no matter how minor are important in order to feel connected in times like these.

Some of the letters will be available to view for free, the rest will require a small subscription.  I have about 31 batches of letters.  Some are groups of short letters some are longer.  You can find out the subscriptions options here.  I tried to make them affordable.

I hope you enjoy the letters as much as I have.

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Six Feet In The Air

April 29, 2020

Here we have a couple examples of folks that had a hard time finding the right fit.

a complaint letter from the 1930s

a complaint letter from the 1930s

Next week things get personal with a hand written poem that I will do my best to transcribe.

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